Indigenous Partners

Industry and Indigenous communities both play a critical role in the stewardship of Canada’s natural resources and economic development. By connecting Indigenous communities with opportunities in the natural resources sector, Steel River Group is forging a better, stronger, and more prosperous path forward.


In an aim to develop relationships built on trust and acknowledgment, Steel River Group seeks to understand the uniqueness of each Nation, fostering partnerships based on their individual economic, cultural, legal and spiritual beliefs as they relate to the environment each group inhabits.

Our Indigenous Partners

Our Partnership


Steel River Group has proudly partnered with Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation of Treaty 6 land through our minority interest in Backwoods Energy Services. As a Nation-owned business, Backwoods Energy Services works arm and arm with the Nation to coordinate and execute all regulatory requirements and ensure respectful dialogues that mitigates any impact to Aboriginal and Treaty Rights.


About the Nation


The Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation was Steel River Group’s first Indigenous Partner to become part of its Ecosystem in 2016. Members of Alexis are of the Stoney or “Nakota ethnic group” and are the most northwestern part of the Siouan language family. Alexis members refer to themselves as “Nakota”, meaning friend or ally. The Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation entered Treaty 6 in 1877 and has 1800 members across four reserves in Alberta. Its traditional territory is from the Cardinal River to the south along the foothills and Rocky Mountains beyond Whitecourt and Swan Hills in the north, reaching east past Barrhead.


Our Partnership


Steel River recently formed a partnership with Horse Lake First Nation and their wholly owned Horse Lake Oilfield Construction Corporation ( HOCC). Assistance in their day-to-day operations will help expand their scope of services throughout all their subsidiaries. As a civil contractor, HOCC has over 10 years experience working in the resource industry through western and northern Canada offering a diverse range of oilfield construction service.


About The Nation


The Horse Lake First Nation is headquartered near Hythe, Alberta. It is a party to Treaty 8, and is a member of the Western Cree Tribal Council. Despite being a member of the Western Cree regional council, the Horse Lake Nation is linguistically and culturally a part of the Danezaa or Beavers. The Nation was formerly known as the Horse Lake Beaver Band, but “Beaver” was dropped from the formal name some years ago. Consensus of the people was that they were all First Nations, whether they were Cree or Beaver, and felt it would be better to be known as Horse Lake First Nation. The band has two reserves at Clear Hills and Horse Lake with a total land base of over 3,000 hectares.