Alliance Partners

The Alliance Partnership Program

The Steel River Alliance Partnership Program aims to bring together the leaders and members of organizations throughout Canada to share resources and find innovative solutions to various opportunities through synergistic collaboration. These unique relationships allow for the alignment of values, exploration of new markets and technologies, the reduction of expenses, and mitigation of risks.


Alliance Partnership Agreements enable all participants to function independently while embarking on collaborative projects without the need to legally merge. The Partnership Agreements vary in their structure; some take the shape of formal agreements outlining respective responsibilities and mutually agreed upon goals and timelines, while others are more flexible and open-ended to accommodate changing circumstances.


Steel River values diversity in our Alliance Partners and recognizes the benefits of strategic cooperation with large, small, and diverse organizations. Together, we can explore cultural, social, and project-driven opportunities, and collectively provide clients with a broad range of services while preventing schedule, field, operational or cost-related issues.


Through our Alliance Partner Program, our partners become a part of the Steel River Ecosystem. They join the Steel River Owned Group of Companies and Indigenous Communities in building capacity, strengthening competency, and creating equitable working relationships focused on mutual success. Steel River believes that we are stronger together.