5 Leadership Qualities that Start with “C”

5 Leadership Qualities that Start with “C”

Early in my career whilst under the mentorship of a wonderful person and great leader I’ve learned and come to understand common traits of great leaders. These have been the backbone of my leadership experience, beliefs and values throughout my career / life. I truly believe these common traits are universal within great leaders.

Before I express these, I’ll tell you a story about when I was attending a meeting and had the absolute pleasure to be part of a presentation by a distinguish Chairman / CEO. His experience and stories are / were of legend, I tell you this, because he presented at the time a list of the three qualities that he believed existed in all great leaders. We overlapped on two, I’ve taken forward his third however, it stuck with me so it’s now a new addition to my list. It’s Conviction…

The 5 “C’s”

Conviction: A strong persuasion or belief in your goals and mandates within your life and the organization / team you represent. Having a strong personal belief structure and culture, whereby you stay true to these beliefs and values.

Confidence: The feeling and belief that you can do well and succeed, being able to bring out the confidence in others and in turn not to dilute this confidence. Again, having the faith and belief that you will act in the right, proper and effective manner while holding yourself and others accountable.

Collaboration: To work with others, to cooperate as a team to achieve common goals and objectives. Alone you may struggle to see all opportunities or simply be unable to resolve an issue, together, a group can overcome any challenge.
I’ve used the following quote endlessly to represent what I mean.
“At our organization we do nothing alone, because someone may get credit for it.” 

Consistency: Relentless pursue to act and behave in the same professional, respectful, collaborative, dependable and trusting manner. Approach all situations in this consistent manner whilst controlling your emotions in order to lead the attitudes and behaviours around you.

Courage: The ability and self-awareness to do something that you know is difficult or even dangerous. Having the mental and moral strength to venture, persevere and withstand danger, fear and life / work challenges.  Then ultimately having the courage to challenge yourself and others; to hold others and yourself accountable and question the status quo.

The 6th C, that I have built my personal leadership structure, belief system, and Steel River Group’s “why” around is Souci.

Care: If you do not Care about / for yourself and more importantly others, then these other traits mean nothing. I’ve come to find the core to everything in my life, is “Caring”.

If you find yourself unable to achieve these 5 C’s in your life, then please take a step back adjust what you need to, in order to get back on track and become the best leader, person you can and want to be.

The Leader must always ‘ante up’ first and ‘eat last’.  

Care, it’s your choice.

Trent Fequet, CEO

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