Who We Are

About Steel River Group


As a diverse management entity, Steel River Group creates an opportunity where Indigenous-led businesses are empowered to create and capture value for our people, alliance partners, and our communities.


We have a deep belief that Indigenous Communities, and the values they hold, have an integral role to play in the continued advancement of industries across Canada. We are driven by the tremendous potential that can be unlocked through collaboration and respectful engagement.


Led by an experienced team of diverse professionals, Steel River Group creates an authentic space for collaboration through our Ecosystem business model. Under a shared vision and common set of values, we bring together our Indigenous Partners, Alliance Partners, and Steel River Owned Companies to build capacity and strengthen competency, creating equal opportunities for all.


Our Why


“We Choose to Care”


Our Why guides us to build lasting relationships with our employees, partners, and communities centered around mutual trust, respect, and accountability, where we care for one another’s well-being. We care to invest in our relationships, people, and communities aligned in pursuing opportunities in an honest and socially conscious manner.