Message From Our CEO



2020 was a transformational year for Steel River. External factors challenged us, but our organization and people confirmed that we will adapt and be resilient when faced with new and unprecedented adversity. We have made significant progress in strengthening our group of companies and our Ecosystem, including our Indigenous Partners, Alliance Partners, and Client Partners.


Through 2021, we have seen consistent growth, including new Indigenous partnerships, expansion of our geographical footprint, and significant project awards and starts.  We also implemented models crucial for the expansion of our business operations; Our People-Public-Private-Partnership (P4) Model, which enhances ownership opportunities for Indigenous communities on major projects, our Integrated Consultation and Engagement Approach (ICEA), which creates a new collaborative framework for Indigenous engagement, and our Collective Impact Model, which establishes a framework for the organic creation of long-lasting meaningful connections with our Indigenous Partners, centered around shared values, common goals, and specific outcomes.


The above initiatives are crucial components to the growth and expansion of Steel River across Canada as well as supporting the sustainable growth of our Indigenous Partners. By incorporating cultural, social, and economic pillars throughout our activities, we establish a prosperous path forward for all rights holders and stakeholders.


As we advance, our commitment to reimagine how we define, create, and capture value for our people, communities, and partners remains unwavering.  Steel River Group’s foundation was built on relationships and people, and we will continue to forge partnerships based on trust, transparency, and progressive visions of the future.

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