Stardale Women’s Group Foundation

Stardale Women’s Group Foundation

We are honored to be partnered with Stardale Women’s Group Foundation. Stardale’s mission is to provide life skills and literacy education, as well as advocacy to Indigenous women living in poverty and abusive situations. They work toward empowering their lives, their families, and their communities to overcome systemic barriers.

Stardale has built a community to provide their girls a comfortable space to express their feelings, past experiences, traumas, and hurt through daily afterschool programs. Stardale developed and implemented self-development programs using creative processes, such as dance and modeling, to educate the girls in matters of self-esteem, building skill sets in cooperation, and learning how to perform in a public setting. The proactive interventions empower the Indigenous girls to overcome systematic barriers and internalization of lower standards of wellness, achievement, education, and employability by providing classroom educational opportunities as well as skills training and strategies for healthy choice-making.

To learn more about Stardale Women’s Group Foundation, click here.


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