Integrated Engagement Approach

While respecting applicable governing bodies (Provincial, Federal, and Territorial) that have set a baseline for the consultation process, Steel River has recognized an opportunity to improve upon the established baseline through the development of an “Integrated Engagement Approach” (IEA).  With embedded cultural, social, and economic pillars guiding the process and a consistent method of collaboration, development, validation, implementation, and confirmation, the IEA provides a framework for continuous learning, development, and progression.


The Steel River Integrated Engagement Approach consists of seven phases with key milestones designed for the mutual success of rights holders and stakeholders on any project.


Ensuring that all parties walk together while not imposing upon each other, participants will co-exist in harmony throughout the IEA phases. With an integrated approach, a project progresses in a collaborative, positive, and accelerated fashion.

The 7 Phases of IEA

One-Team Approach

Through a shared vision, common goals, and collaborative processes, the One-Team Approach prevents the loss of dialogue between involved parties, creates checkpoints for progress, and enhances the ability for shared success.


Indigenous Communities, Clients, and Steel River become One-Team throughout the Integrated Consultation and Engagement Approach.