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Steel River Group specializes in providing comprehensive consulting services for Indigenous Nations. Our expertise lies in the facilitation of funding acquisition, meticulous planning, innovative design, and efficient construction management for essential infrastructure projects. Through a collaborative framework, we engage with First Nations, municipalities, industry stakeholders, and investors to foster successful development. This approach is instrumental in realizing critical community resources, ensuring their sustainable operation, and maximizing value for our esteemed partners. At Steel River Group, we are committed to creating enduring solutions that go beyond project completion, contributing to the long-term well-being and prosperity of Indigenous Nations.

Consulting Strategy & Development Services


At the heart of our commitment to community and economic development is a carefully crafted strategic process that aligns seamlessly with the unique values and aspirations of our Indigenous partners. Our comprehensive consulting services are designed to provide unwavering support throughout the entire lifecycle of the project, encompassing a diverse array of essential components encompassing grant sourcing, financial administration, pre-development and architectural services, collaboration with key stakeholders and more.


Beyond these fundamental aspects, we pride ourselves on fostering collaboration with key stakeholders, recognizing the importance of building strong and lasting partnerships.   An integral aspect of our consulting services is our profound understanding of cultural and social elements. We recognize the unique context of each Nation and tailor our approach to respect and integrate cultural nuances, ensuring that the project not only meets infrastructure needs but thrives and uplifts the communities it serves.

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Our development team is distinguished by its extensive experience, capable of taking projects from concept to creation across a broad spectrum of industries. Specializing in key infrastructure areas crucial for Indigenous Nations, such as youth centres, recreation facilities, safe houses, and more, we bring a depth of knowledge and insight to each project.

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By leveraging our expertise, we aim not only to build physical structures but to contribute to the holistic development and well-being of Indigenous communities, fostering resilience and prosperity for generations to come.

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