Our Governing Principles

The Steel River Dream Catcher Governance Framework

The Steel River Dream Catcher

Governance Framework

As dream catchers allow good dreams to flow down to the sleeping children below, Steel River’s Governance Framework ensures only practices that align with our values and vision flow through our dream catcher to the members of the Steel River Ecosystem. The Steel River Dream Catcher is adorned with beads that represent our governing committees, policies, and procedures, while the hanging feathers continually remind us of our three commitments to Indigenous Communities.

Steel River Governance


Steel River’s Governing Principles are deeply rooted in Indigenous values, beliefs, and culture, grounded by a strong sense of community centered around people and relationships. We aspire to be thought and action leaders for positive change in the space where communities, businesses, and industry collaborate.


Our Governance Framework provides relevant, flexible, and sustainable practices that support collaboration and accountability across the Steel River Owned Companies.


Through various models embedded within our Governance Framework, Steel River continues to explore new ways to reclaim, revitalize, and reaffirm the critical role Indigenous communities play in the advancement of industries across Canada.


Our Commitments to Indigenous Communities


  • Steel River will reclaim the process of collaborative engagement
  • Steel River will foster the preservation of cultural and traditional values
  • Steel River will champion social sovereignty and economic sustainability for our people



Our Governing Principles


Cultural Preservation


Historically, the loss of land, traditions, and language has taken an irreparable toll on our people. The retention of Traditional Lands and Knowledge is crucial to the preservation of Indigenous culture across Canada.


Steel River is committed to helping safeguard traditional land, life experiences, teachings, art, and languages for our local Indigenous Communities. Our collaborative approach and unique strategies are pillared around the retention of each Indigenous Community’s unique past with the intent of preserving it to share with many generations to come.


Social Sovereignty


Indigenous people are strong and resilient people, who have persevered through systematic injustice that has affected their sovereignty for generations. Steel River acknowledges that First Nations, Inuit, and Metis’ have an inherent right to self-determination and social sovereignty.


Economic Sustainability


The foundation for generational prosperity is built upon the right of Indigenous communities to capture, create, and sustain their own economic growth. Through a collaborative exploration of a community’s vision, Steel River supports their desires to seek out and realize various types of opportunities.


Steel River’s level of support and collaboration will vary on the relationship and what comes from the exploration of opportunities together.  We support Nations and communities and believe that true power lies with the people.