Steel River Companies

All companies within Steel River Group share a common vision of having a meaningful, positive impact on Indigenous People, communities, and businesses, including the creation of sustainable employment opportunities.


Our companies offer various services to support projects in various sectors across Canada. By nurturing relationships, aligning opportunities, and delivering reliable, high-quality, and safe services, Steel River Group invests in communities to create lasting benefits.

Steel River Companies


WolfTrek Corp. is an Indigenous-owned and operated business and provides clients with Indigenous staffing and Technical staffing solutions for operations & maintenance, construction, and management needs.


Steel River Energy Services offers the support needed for complex problems through our Staffing Solutions, Facility Maintenance & Plant Turnarounds, and Facility and Pipeline Construction.


Water Care Company, through its vertically integrated value chain approach to Water Care, is a thought and action leader for positive change in the Water Care industry. Water Care Company focuses on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of basic treatment methods and systems in the water industry.

Our Nation Companies

MÎWÂSIN Development Group (MÎWÂSIN)

MÎWÂSIN Development Group (MÎWÂSIN) is a development company that oversees projects on Peepeekisis Cree Nation and off reserve. It is a partnership between Peepeekisis Development Ltd., the economic arm of Peepeekisis Cree Nation, and Steel River Group, an Indigenous-owned diversified management entity. MÎWÂSIN is named after the Cree word for “it is good.”