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Steel River Group was founded on the desire to help Indigenous individuals and local communities uncover the opportunities that exist when industry and community work together for mutual benefit. We are committed to developing lasting relationships and are proud to support our partners across Canada. Read more about how Steel River Group cares for communities through our stories below.

Steel River Group Supports Youth in Sport

At Steel River Group, we understand the importance of providing the next generation with opportunities to learn and grow through sport and recreation. Whether through team activities like hockey and soccer, or individual ones like motocross racing or boxing, sports enable young people to navigate and persevere through challenges and successes. This valuable experience helps shape youth to become future leaders. We’re proud to support the following:

Alan Spoonhunter


We are proud and excited to sponsor Alan Spoonhunter on his journey as one of the top Aboriginal basketball players in Canada.


Alan Spoonhunter is a basketball star. He received the SaskTel Indigenous Youth Award of Excellence in 2018 for his achievements in sports and recreation. Alan is now the class of 2020 guard at the exclusive Edge School, an athletic-based academic program in Calgary, Alberta. The team travelled to Toronto this March for the national championships but fell short of the win.


“Surround yourself with people that love you,” Alan says. “Work hard and believe in yourself. There’s going to be other people that may tell you you’re making the wrong move – just trust yourself and trust the work you’re putting into your goals.”

Edmonton Oilers; Horse Lake First Nation Hockey Association

Horse Lake Minor Hockey Association


At Edmonton’s last home game of the season, on Thursday, April 4, 2019, the Edmonton Oilers hosted the San Jose Sharks while Steel River Group hosted 110 Horse Lake Minor Hockey Association players, coaches and chaperones by donating tickets to the game.


Steel River Group has a “One Team” approach to working with communities, industry and businesses and wanted to acknowledge the commitment Horse Lake Minor Hockey makes each year to the kids and community of Horse Lake First Nation. It was perfect timing to celebrate the accomplishments of Horse Lake’s “One Team”, with six tiers of the Horse Lake Thunder rolling into town for the 26th Annual Native Provincials Hockey Championship in Edmonton April 4 to 7, 2019.


“We wanted to reward and respect everyone’s commitment to fitness, family, sport and teamwork,” says Trent Fequet, Steel River Group’s CEO.


A special VIP tour of the Hockey Hall of Fame Room during the first and second intermissions was also provided though the Oilers Group Ticket Sales and the kids had fun seeing all the memorabilia from the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, including Gretzky’s original dressing stall that’s signed by the 1984 Oilers Cup team. Another highlight included the kids and adults taking turns pretending to have a press conference in the studio location where the Oiler’s Coach Ken Hitchcock addresses the media after the game. Hunter, the Oilers mascot, also paid the kids a visit.


Congratulations on another great season, Horse Lake Minor Hockey Association!

Dexter Seitz (@therealdexter15)


At just nine years old, Dexter Seitz is already a motocross industry veteran. Life on two wheels comes naturally to him—having first learned to ride a motorbike at age three, Dexter began racing at age four, and over the past five years, has successfully competed across Canada and the United States.


In 2017, Dexter was recognized as a Star of Tomorrow to promote youth riding at the Calgary Motorcycle Show, and was the only youth rider in Western Canada to gain exposure in Motocross Performance Magazine. His passion for sport and growing social media presence have earned him respect and acclamation in the motocross community.


Steel River Group is proud to support Dexter in his 2018 season as he competes in races across Alberta, Saskatchewan, B.C., Ontario, and the United States.




Steel River Group is proud to announce that Dexter Seitz had amazing 2018 racing year.

In provincials he finished 2nd in the 65cc ages 7-11 and 3rd in the 85cc ages 9-16.

Dexter competed at the Canadian Nationals in Walton, Ontario.  He also won his Loretta Lynn’s qualifier earlier this year in Washington.

Partnership with the Coasters Association


The Coasters Association is a non-profit organization established in 1988 with a clear objective of protecting and furthering the interests of the population and contributing to the vitality of the fourteen (14) communities on the Lower North Shore of Quebec.


One of the programs the Coasters Association has been involved with is the advancement of youth in the region since its inception.  The lack of programs, services and resources on the Lower North Shore is higher than other areas of the Province of Quebec, due to the lack of amenities of a larger community.


Through partial  funding from Service Canada, the Coasters Association is currently carrying out a project entitled: “Connecting our Next Generation” aiming to match  youth in the region aged 15-30 with post-secondary education to organizations on a work experience placement.


Through additional sponsorship from the Steel River Group, one post-secondary graduate, Latesha Fequet from Old Fort Bay was assigned to a work experience placement with the Lower North Shore Bioproducts Solidarity Cooperative and the Lower North Shore Research Facility on May 28th until December 21st, 2018 (30 weeks).  Her position as a Researcher and Development Coordinator, will help raise awareness of the current and future projects and assist with activities linked to the Bio Development within these organizations and provide support to the School Science Integration Project in partnership with the Commission Scolaire du Littoral.


“I have been fortunate enough to be selected for the Career Focus Project – Connecting our Next Generation with the Coasters Association, funded by Steel River Group and Services Canada.  My position is with the Lower North Shore Bioproducts Solidarity Cooperative and the Lower North Shore Research Facility. I have been working on many projects thus far, such as, assisting with the Training plan for the Cosmetic Manufacturing Facility that will be up and running on the Lower North Shore in the near future, creating a transportation model for all isolated Northern regions, importing and exporting from Canada, posters to bring awareness to the population about what is happening in their local economy and the future opportunities, and so on.


This work placement has allowed me to diversify my skills and knowledge. I have been given the opportunity not only to return to my home, but to learn how in depth and how remarkable this region really is and how much has changed and progressed since I left. My educational background is in Social Work, a huge part of social work is community development. Although I am not directly working in my field, this position has allowed me to grasp the true meaning of community development. We are a region that has been challenged with poverty, decline in population and isolation but we are still thriving, and I would currently say we are excelling. We are the only community in Quebec that will be manufacturing cosmetics using our pristine local resources and completing the process on the Lower North Shore.


The research and innovation that is present on the Lower North Shore is not lacking due to the isolation and this has allowed me to really continue my education in a sense but in a more hands on way. We are a region full of traditional and ecological knowledge which has created a base for our future in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets, while keeping our pristine environment intact. I feel privileged to be a part of making this vision become a reality and bringing life back to this precious region.” – Letesha Fequet


In addition, through the generous contribution provided by Steel River Group, one post-secondary graduate, Chenelle Lessard was able to continue with her student internship for an additional four (4) weeks with the Coasters Association in partnership with Centre d’expérimentation et de dévelopment en forêst boréale (CEDFOB) as a “Youth Green Intern”,  supporting the lingon berry farming, apiculture, and composting initiatives.


I was provided an opportunity to complete a fourteen (14) week student internship with the Coasters Association in partnership with the Lower North Shore Bioproducts Solidarity Cooperative, funded by CEDFOB, Municipality of Bonne Esperance, and Steel River Group, allowing me to work on the Lower North Shore of Quebec, in the area that I grew up. Working in this region gave me a sense of pride and a strong desire to become involved and make changes for the greater good of the area.  I had been introduced to many different opportunities that I did not know existed and had greatly widened my knowledge and understanding about the potential in the area.


The internship widened my opportunities and allowed me to explore my interests, and without funding from all partners involved, I would not have been able to set a clear path for my future educational goals.” – Chenelle Lessard


It is through the support of partners that set the stage to improving our youth with an environment to enhance their skills and confidence to assist them in their future endeavors, and the Coasters Association would like to extend our gratitude and recognition to the Steel River Group for their contribution and support and we look forward to preserving the partnership on future initiatives to continue providing services to the residents on the Lower North Shore of Quebec.


Heidi Buckle

Youth Employability Program Manager


For more information about the Coasters Association visit: