Our Ecosystem


Our Ecosystem is premised on alignment between three critical groups: Steel River Companies, our Indigenous partners, and our alliance and industry partners. We bring these entities together under a shared vision and goals and create agreements, joint venture partnerships, and new subsidiary companies to build capacity and strengthen competency.


As the management entity, Steel River Group supports a corporate governance structure that provides support to our own group of companies as well as our Indigenous and Alliance partners. While no two business partnerships are alike, mutual success is based on acceptance that each Nation has its own unique circumstances and beliefs.


Recent awards prove our support from progressive Nations and the patronage of forward-thinking producers. This suggests that our Indigenous inclusion ecosystem model will carry us and our partners successfully into the future.

“We believe our ability to integrate an exhaustive and informative blueprint to a diverse range of groups has the best potential to maximize employment and prepare for a very strong, long-term economic benefit to the Nations we work with.”


– Trent Fequet, President and CEO of Steel River Group