Our Ecosystem


Our Ecosystem


Our Ecosystem, like any, relies upon multiple entities working harmoniously to support one another, each with a unique and imperative contribution.


Our process begins with evaluating the needs, strengths, and values of three critical groups as they relate to a project: Steel River Companies, our Indigenous Partners and our Alliance and Industry Partners.


As the management entity, Steel River Group’s corporate governance structure is focused on alignment. Whether we are helping to create project agreements, joint venture partnerships or even a new subsidiary company, our imperative is alignment of values, goals and the ability to create an equitable working relationship and mutual success.


We recognize and respect that each Nation has its own unique history, contributions and beliefs, while each Alliance Partner also has their own unique strengths, values and ways of working. Our role is to foster ecosystems that integrate well in these areas, and to ensure that all parties receive the support required to build capacity and competency. Successful ecosystems advance the project and business interests of all stakeholders, and also maximize employment and integration, creating strong, long-term economic benefit to the Nations we work with.