Alliance Partners

Industry and Indigenous communities both play a critical role in the future of Canada’s natural resources and economic development. By connecting Indigenous communities with opportunities in the natural resources sector, Steel River Group is forging a better, stronger, and more prosperous path forward. To build trust and acceptance, Steel River Group aims to understand the uniqueness of each Nation. We create partnerships based on those individual beliefs relative to economics, culture, law and spirituality as it relates to the environment the Indigenous people inhabit. This inclusion of Indigenous groups in the future of energy and protection of our natural resources will provide a successful economy for all Steel River partners.


Our work identifies and amplifies the potential success of industry projects for Indigenous corporations, communities, people, and partners. This is achieved by accelerating employment and procurement, as well as financial and community investment opportunities.


In addition, Steel River Group’s business model includes strategic acquisitions that strengthen and expand our suite of services. If you think your organization is a fit with Steel River Group, feel free to contact us to discuss potential collaboration for future opportunities.