Steel River P4 Model

Steel River believes building generational wealth for Indigenous and local communities through proactive and early involvement in major projects is long overdue. As Steel River acknowledges that First Nations, Inuit, and Métis all play a critical role in the stewardship of Canada’s economic development, we are passionate about proactively seeking and exploring opportunities for Indigenous ownership on major projects at the grass-roots level. This passion has been materialized in the development of a People-Public-Private Partnership (P4) Model to focus on enhanced ownership opportunities for Indigenous communities.


Historically, there has been an inability to combine capital, project developers, specialized execution, communities, and perhaps most importantly Indigenous, local, provincial, and federal politics, in a cohesive and collaborative fashion to execute on opportunities.  Our P4 Model will act as the vehicle to accelerate the development of ownership in major projects for Indigenous communities, “The People”, across Canada.  Steel River aims to foster and forge the dialogue for reimaging the entry point of Indigenous and local communities and businesses in major projects to ensure generational wealth for the people.


The strategy behind our P4 Model aims to bring Indigenous and local communities, related stakeholders, rights holders, and third-party capital together, providing early access and collaboration at the initial inception of an opportunity.  Our People-Public-Private Partnership Model was born out of the desire to enhance ownership opportunities for Indigenous communities.




The People pillar consists of both Indigenous communities and affected local communities.  Both play an important role in furthering the development of ownership in major projects for Indigenous Communities. 


The People will be given the opportunity to form a P4 Advisory Circle (unique to each opportunity) that will provide appropriate guidance and knowledge sharing throughout the P4 process. We recognize the need to hear the voices of Indigenous people and believe that by honoring Indigenous governance, cultural and spiritual practices, and knowledge sharing, we can learn and grow together. This will play a critical role in the success of the P4 Model.



The Private pillar provides the research, design, capital, efficiencies, marketplace, development, and execution to advance the P4 Model.  The private pillar, enhanced through the Steel River Ecosystem, will accelerate, and increase the frequency and size of major projects available to Indigenous Communities. A key component of this pillar will be the accessibility of financial capacity to capture the opportunities that flow through the P4 deal flow.



The Public pillar represents the Government. The various levels of government (municipal, provincial, and federal) can play a critical role in backing Indigenous Communities on a multitude of fronts in the successful implementation of our P4 Model.  Grants, reduction of red tape, access to financing, consulting, and most importantly advocating for Indigenous ownership on major projects.   As a paradigm shift takes place across Canada, people and governments at all levels are progressively supporting the involvement of Indigenous Communities in economics, policy, governance, education, health and wellness, and many more critical areas. The ownership the public receives in these partnerships may be represented in one or many forms, including a monetary or infrastructure asset, ownership of progress, ownership of opportunity, and the ownership of prosperity and sustainability for Indigenous Communities in Canada.


Early Meaningful Engagement and Accommodation

By incorporating Steel River Group’s guiding principles, grounded in Indigenous values and beliefs throughout the processes of engagement, consultation, and support with accommodation strategies, Steel River Group has the vision, experience, capacity, and strategic alignments to facilitate consultation programs.


Using an Integrated Consultation Approach, Steel River Group ensures that all parties walk together to co-exist in harmony. Through the integrated approach, the consultation process progresses in a collaborative, positive, and mutually accountable and respectful fashion. Early, ongoing, and meaningful engagement, consultation, and the development of accommodation strategies focused on the cultural, social, and economic wellbeing of impacted Indigenous Communities builds trust and reimagines how industry and community collaborate throughout a project.