Fire & Flood Emergency Services

Steel River Group is proud to be the exclusive distributor and dealer in Canada for Fire & Flood Emergency Services.


About Fire & Flood Emergency Services


Fire & Flood Emergency Services was established on May 1st, 2016 after the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the Fort McMurray wildfire. Fire & Flood, with help from their experienced water transfer team, started testing mass water suppression cannons and water devices. During this time, Fire & Flood started their first “Test Trials” of their patent-pending Mass Water Fire suppression system. Since May 2016, Fire and Flood have engineered and designed many different systems for all types of scenarios.


On May 11th, 2018, Fire & Flood completed a demo of a two-line 20,000 gallons per minute mass water suppression system with 9,900 feet in length and 700 feet in width. This changed the dew point from a two (desert-like conditions) to an eighteen dew point (tropical rainforest) and changed the ambient temperature from 26 degrees Celcius to 12 degrees Celsius.




Fire & Flood Emergency Services is a hazard reduction company assisting all public and private agencies globally. Their patent-pending water delivery systems offer customers the quickest deployment and fastest demobilization of equipment over the harshest terrains and distances. Fire & Flood are the first to market “mass-water” deployments using first-rate pumps, hoses, and manifold technology.


Heavy fuel loads in our forests, more citizens seeking an outdoor lifestyle, dryer and longer years, and evasive insects degrading the moisture content, all surmount to large-scale firestorms.

Fire & Flood Emergency Services offer a means to access water over vast distances in excess of 75 kilometers (45 miles) to build a water curtain barrier as a buffer to slow the firestorm activity. The fire agencies also have the ability to tap into the mobile hydrant system through their manifold systems for further fire suppression activities, therefore, reducing water shuttle intervals, as well as reducing manpower and personnel exhaustion.


Inadequate infrastructure for drainage during emergency events such as tsunamis, heavy snowmelt, heavy rainfall, and hurricane surge, are common for the cause of many global floods. Fire & Flood Emergency Services have the technology to redirect water to safer areas within a very short timeframe.

Fire & Flood offer custom solutions for all the following areas from consulting, equipment supply to manpower and logistics:

  • Municipal Communities
  • Wood Production Plants
  • Oil/Gas/Nuclear
  • Solar/Wind Farms
  • Hydro Power Structures
  • Railway Systems
  • Mining Operations
  • Ranch Lands

For more information on Flood & Fire Emergency Services and Distribution please visit: or contact Todd Wingenbach.

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