Steel River Solutions

Steel River Solutions offers a diverse range of operational construction and management support services to meet the ever-growing demands of construction industries. Our solutions include all the disciplines required to plan, build, and maintain a project from beginning to end, and our focused dedication to completely understand a project allows us to deliver efficient, cost-effective services that also create value for our Indigenous partners.


Our Services Include:

Mainline pipeline, Integrity & Maintenance works

Experienced in the planning, management and execution of mainline pipeline installation and integrity programs ensures all stakeholder values are met.


  • Mainline pipeline installation
  • Integrity digs
  • Mainline valve installation
  • Pipe section replacements
  • Above ground piping installation
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Construction and installation gathering lines
  • Geo-technical projects (slope failures, creek erosion, pipe buoyancy)
Above-ground pipe installation
  • Steel River has experience with key clients providing above-ground pipeline installations:
    • Thermal
    • Emulsion
    • FuelGas
    • Slurry


  • Steel River is committed to provide high quality results and maximized efficiency through:
    • Pre-planning that incorporates safety, quality and environment,
    • Use of experienced crews and industry professionals,
    • Delivery of high-level welding and field engineering efficiencies,
    • Welding Accreditation – CWB, CSA, ASME and ABSA
Snow making and frost packing
  • Industry Leaders in Winter Access Construction:
    • Snow/ice bridges across environmentally sensitive water courses and wetlands
    • Ice/winter road construction
    • Frost packing and access across muskeg areas


  • High-end snow making equipment focused on high production and enhanced mobility. Each unit has multiple high pressure fire fighting, three stage electric pumps.


  • Workforce from oil & gas industry with significant experience in all diameters of pipeline construction and thorough understanding of QHSE requirements.
Trenchless crossings and support services
  • Management and scheduling of directional drilling and boring, Direct Pipe Installation (DPI) and conventional auger and case bore methodologies.


  • Extensive experience to manage crossings that minimize fluid release to surface and ensure efficiencies, cost and schedule is met.


  • Planning, execution, management and capacity to support and ensure the highest standard in QHSE and efficiency.


  • Extensive experience in Owner and third party designed crossings of wetlands, rivers, pipeline corridors, and urban environments.


  • Compliance assurance with respect to water withdrawal, turbidity monitoring, and mud testing.
Mud management and crossing coordination

Provide all crossing and mud management coordination to Owners and Subcontractors including:

  • Training,
  • Master crossing list development and upkeep,
  • First calls, relationship and scheduling of foreign line representation,
  • Line location and identification,
  • Auditing, regulation and compliance assurance,
  • Hydrovac, vac and disposal both via land spread or offsite removal with full compliance tracking
Coating and blasting
  • Foremen and crews with significant mainline and fabrication experience including manual and automated sandblasting and coating applications


  • Coating application to above and below ground piping, facilities, structural, tanks (internal and external).


  • Ability to supply high-quality, high-production application of various pipeline coating products (i.e.. HPPC, FBE, ARO, Continuous Concrete Coating, etc.)


  • NACE – Level 1 thru Level 3 Inspectors On-Staff


  • CSA Z245.30 compliant
Pipeline rock crushing
  • Provide in field mobile impactors and crushing systems to eliminate sourcing and hauling of foreign bedding and padding materials and utilizing and sustaining local materials per required specifications


  • Service provides significant cost savings and reduces safety risk


  • Material crushed to meet or exceed all bedding and padding industry specifications and requirements to ensure highest level of pipe integrity


  • Produce spec gravel from blast rock or quarry for various applications (i.e. facility pads, access roads, etc.)
Right of Way (ROW) cleanup and reclamation
  • Services include: Cleanup, Seeding, Water Crossings Installations, Reclamation and Natural Hazard Remediation


  • Managing and overseeing project completion including final clean-up and reclamation in all terrains including agricultural, urban and mountainous environments


  • Assured compliance / accountability to meet or exceed Company commitments to stakeholders


  • Planning, QHSE, Project & Construction Management services
Testing and inspection
  • Hydrotesting of Mainline and Facilities including:
    • Test plan design and development
    • Pigging and drying
    • Fill point and dewatering assessments
    • Filling and dewatering
    • Pre-Testing of High Risk Sections
    • Testing / Yield Plotting
    • Construction Pig, Gauge Plate and Caliper Tool Runs


  • Significant experience with ASME and CSA – Z662
Access and rig matting
  • Turnkey supply and install of wooden access mats (8’ x 14’) and rig matting (20’ / 40’ / 60’)


  • Pre-access matting assessment and layout services


  • Custom matting logistics planning


  • Mat relocation services


  • Leapfrogging services


  • Offsite storage


  • Repair & Cleaning services
Fire suppression
  • Capability to support mainline pipeline construction, steep slopes, structural integrity, facilities, clearing and logging with high volume, high pressure lines to support all water transport requirements


  • All equipment meets or exceeds the minimum requirements for regulatory fire suppression as per the wildfire and forestry resource management regulation act


  • High end fire suppression equipment that is focused on high production and enhanced mobility

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