Corporate Giving Program

Steel River’s Corporate Giving Program

Steel River’s Corporate Giving Program is one way Steel River chooses to care about individuals and the communities in which we work. We believe in investing in people, programs, and community initiatives that support the cultural, social, and economic well-being of people and communities.


The Steel River Corporate Giving Program supports four key areas of care:


Children and Youth – Charities and activities supporting children and youth.


Sports – Amateur sports organizations or individuals.


Education – Scholarships and Bursaries awarded to support an individual’s education/career development, awarded on the basis of academic, other achievement, or need.


Indigenous and Community Investment – Programs/initiatives that support community, training, youth development, education, and the health and wellness of Indigenous people.


Corporate Giving is divided into three categories:  donations, scholarships, and sponsorships. 


Donations are a monetary gift to an eligible organization or individual.


Scholarships are a monetary gift to an eligible individual for education/career development.


Sponsorships are strategic partnerships negotiated with an organization or event that has an audience that Steel River Group is interested in connecting with. Marketing is the primary purpose of sponsorship and success is measured by the return on investment to Steel River Group in the form of brand awareness, business connections, and audience reach.


Please direct all Corporate Giving inquiries to