CEO Letter – October 2018

CEO Letter – October 2018

Steel River Group (SRG) has now been in operation for a year and half, and during this time we’ve achieved many amazing milestones and experienced key successes. This includes forming an alliance relationship with Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation and taking an ownership position within Backwoods Energy.

We have opened a pipeline and general contracting division, an equipment group, a construction management entity and a water transfer business. We have established an office in Calgary and today I am proud to announce our new operational office in Sherwood Park. In the weeks to come we will be announcing our alignment with a couple more Indigenous communities and look forward to supporting our new friends within our ecosystem.

Due to Steel River’s early success and in turn our adjusted strategic plan; earlier this year we ventured to find an equity partner that shared our values and beliefs and long-term goals. We are proud of our partnership with the Centerfire Group and together have formulated goals and aspirations to bring forth a more cohesive and collaborative approach of our two Indigenous owned and operated businesses.

When I look back at the past year and look forward to the future, I do so with a smile and immense sense of confidence. Why, because of you!

From day one of my original vision and development of the ecosystem model, it was always based on the foundation of people. We have assembled a group of likeminded, kind individuals under a culture of respect, trust, collaboration and accountability whilst caring for each other, our families and all relationships within our ecosystem.

Going forward we have many challenges to look forward too, yet I know any obstacle that we may face will not frustrate us or derail us from our mission and goals. I for one am extremely excited about the challenges ahead because I get to experience these learnings with you. These moments will strengthen our resolve, resistants’ and bond.

I am so fortunate to be able to call you folks my team, my co-workers, my friends and my family. I deeply care for you and your family, and I can simply only offer you a heartfelt, Thank You!

Sincerely your CEO,

Trent Fequet 

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